Remediation Projects
We have provided remediation services for landfills, gas stations and other contaminated soil sites for commercial and government sites alike. We have the ability to obtain the required permitting and dispose of waste from any jobsite.
Project started in:
Project type: Site Remediation
Owner: Lattizori Development, LLC
Location: Mystic, CT
Designer: DiCesare Bentley

Existing site was contaminated with lead and hydrocarbons, TPH. Cherenzia Excavation under guidance from Fuss & O’Neil removed contaminated soil from site.
NLON Oily Waste
Project started in: 1997
Project type: Site Remediation
Owner: United States Navy
Location: Groton, CT
Designer: Metcalf & Eddy

Improvements to an oily waste treatment center on the Base.
Ocean House
Project started in: 2007
Project type: Site work and utilities
Owner: Bluff Avenue LLC
Location: Watch Hill, RI
Designer: Cherenzia & Associates

The Ocean House is an historic landmark in Watch Hill, RI. Following complete demolition of the existing building the site was excavated to accommodate a new sewer system and foundations. The sewer system included 11 fiberglass tanks ranging from 200 gallons to 50,000 gallons. A 30-foot tall cut adjacent to the building foundation was soil nailed. Rock was processed on site to meet strict job specification requirements.
Westerly DPW
Project started in: 2008
Project type: Landfill Cap
Owner: Department of Public Works
Location: Westerly, RI
Designer: Cherenzia & Associates.

Cherenzia Excavation brought site up to grade, installed sidewalks, loamed and seeded and paved parking area. Landfill contained contaminated soils. The landfill was capped by Cherenzia Excavation and paved over to meet direct exposure criteria standards.
Sub-Base NLON Drainage Replacement
Project started in: 2007
Project type: Drainage System Upgrades
Owner: The United States Navy
Location: New London Sub-Base Groton, CT
Designer: NAVFAC Virginia

Installed 3,547 linear feet of reinforced concrete pipe and 47 catch basins and drainage manholes to improve drainage in two locations on the Sub-Base. Project included asbestos remediation at two locations, extensive ledge removal and the installation of two massive manholes measuring 10 feet in diameter.
Sub-Base NLON Steam Line Replacement
Project started in: 2007
Project type: Steam line Replacement
Owner: United States Navy
Location: Sub-Base NLON Groton, CT
Designer: NAVFAC
Cherenzia Excavation in conjunction with P&D Mechanical removed and replaced 2800 linear feet of steam line at 8 locations throughout the sub-base. Remediation at various locations was required.
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